Cynergy3 incorporating Impress Sensors

Impress Sensors and Systems

Impress Sensors & Systems are now part of the Cynergy3 family. You can get the same great range of pressure transmitters and custom designed non-standard instruments under the Cynergy3 brand name, backed up with even more expertise, support and innovation.

Use the website to find, select and locate the products you want. We have guides to help you identify the ideal solution for your application, and if you need a tailored product just get in touch!

Our dedicated team of highly qualified professional engineers have years of experience of electronics, software, mechanical engineering and instrument design. We have worked with customers to create thousands of custom designed sensor systems providing a wealth of background knowledge that helps us create the bespoke applications you need more efficiently. 

We look forward to building on the Impress Sensors & Systems range, innovating and expanding to create new products and offering you excellent customer support.