New Accessory for Vertically-Mounted Float Switches - DT1200

Cynergy3 Components is now able to supply a Termination Enclosure which can be fitted to a wide range of float switches to provide a convenient and weatherproof location for wiring termination.

The accessory, known as DT1200, is an aluminium enclosure rated to IP68 when fitted with the correct cable gland. It can be mounted onto Cynergy3’s float switches which have an M16 mounting thread.  It is machined complete with 3 x M4 female screw threads to enable the internal mounting of a suitable termination block (not supplied).

The DT1200 Data Sheet is available here

For more information, please contact Cynergy3 at or call the sales team on +44 (0) 1202 897 969 or email [email protected]