New Low Cost, Robust Optical Liquid Level Sensors Now Available From Cynergy3

Press Release Ref. CYN01

A new range of robust, reliable, low cost optical liquid level sensors for single point liquid level detection is now available from Cynergy3 Components Ltd.

The OLS range of optical liquid level sensors provides customers with high reliability, single point level sensing in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including medical and life sciences, chemicals, water, food & beverages, and for general process engineering.

New low cost optical liquid level sensor from Cynergy3

OLS Series sensors incorporate an LED and phototransistor, which are housed within an optical sensing tip at the head of the device. When no liquid is present, light from the LED is internally reflected by the tip from the LED to the phototransistor. When liquid covers the tip, some of the light is refracted into the liquid. Therefore, the amount of light received by the phototransistor is reduced and the sensor’s output changes state. This method of liquid level sensing is very fast and reliable.

OLS Series sensors have a transistor output, which means they can be configured by the user to suit the particular application. Standard operating temperature range is from -25 deg C to +80 deg C. However, custom versions of the sensor are available that can operate in extended temperatures from -40 deg C to +125 deg C. High and low output versions of the sensors are available.

The sensors are installed in either the side or bottom of a tank or similar storage vessel. The OLS range comprises three sensor series: the OLS2, OLS5 and OLS7 Series. The OLS2 Series is an externally mounted sensor with an M12 thread. The OLS5 Series is an internally mounted sensor with an M10 thread. The OLS7 Series is an externally mounted sensor with a ¼” NPT thread and an open drain mosfet output. For the OLS2 and OLS5 sensors, output is via a TTL compatible push-pull output.

Simon Dear, Sales & Marketing Manager at Cynergy3 Components comments: “OLS Series sensors are robust, reliable and cost effective for most general liquid level sensing applications. The sensors are housed in polysulphone and so are resistant to most aggressive liquids and chemicals.”

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