Vertical Float Switches Now Available with M12 Connectors and Cables

Press Release Ref: CYN05

Cynergy3 Components has extended its range of flow switches to cater for larger diameter pipes and higher flow rates. In addition to inline flow switches, the range now includes paddle type flow switches, including a new stainless steel version.

Inline and paddle type flow switches are suitable for installation in both small and large size diameter pipes. The flow switches can be used to control pumps, valves and other control equipment in a variety of industrial processes. Typical applications include pipes in water storage systems, food and beverage processing plants, chemicals and refrigeration/cooling systems.

flow range larger diameters higher flow rates

The FSH range of paddle type flow switches includes two series: the FSH10AR and FSHPLC.

The FSH10AR series is a general purpose paddle flow switch for loads up to 4A inductive. The switch can be used to control a pump, valve or process via a relay output. If the switch is installed in a pumped system, the device is fitted in the pipe after the pump. The switch is ideal for controlling a circulating or centrifugal electric pump that is providing increased pressure or flow within water systems with storage tanks. The flow switch is designed to be installed in a horizontal pipe with the switch mounted through a side entry. Pipe connection is via a G1” (1” BSP) thread suitable for mounting to pipe sizes G1”, G2”, G3” and G4”. The device relies on the flow of liquid working in opposition to the spring-loaded paddle to operate the relay.

The FSH10AR switches the output once the flow rate through the pipe exceeds 20 l/min. When used to activate a pump, the switch can provide an increased flow and pressure, depending on the pump capacity. The switch has a turn off time delay, which is adjustable between 0 and 10 seconds. If the flow rate in the pipe is less than 20 l/min – whether due to a lack of supply (e.g. tank is empty) or to a decrease in demand (e.g. a tap closing), this will turn off the output again.

The FSHPLC series works in a similar way to the FSH10AR series, but provides a signal level, volt-free contact for output to a PLC. This switch is also suitable for pipe sizes G1” to G4”.

The FSH10AR and FSHPLC series are constructed in reinforced polyamide with brass screw mounts and are protected to IP54. Maximum pressure is 10 bar and maximum operating temperature is 100°C.

The LFS series of paddle flow switches have a stainless steel (304 grade) paddle and an IP65 aluminium alloy housing or DIN 43650 connection. These switches are suitable for flow detection in harsh operating environments, where the pipe media is aggressive/corrosive. LFS flow switches can be installed in 1” to 3” bore pipes. Maximum operating pressure is 20 bar and operating temperature range is -30°C to +150°C.

Cynergy3 also offers a range of inline flow switches. These include flow switches for direct pump switching (FSP series), inline flow switches for G1” pipes (FSV10AR series) and inline flow switches for connection to a PLC (FSVPLC series). All inline flow switches provide a turn on flow rate of 0.6 l/min or 3.0 l/min (non-adjustable).

Simon Dear, Sales & Marketing Manager at Cynergy3 Components comments: “The FSH and LFS paddle flow switches are excellent additions to our existing range of flow sensors. We expect a lot of interest from companies involved in all areas of industrial processing, particularly in applications involving larger pipe sizes and higher flow rates.”

The FSH and LFS series of flow switches are currently in stock at RS Components and Digi-Key.

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