Our Approvals

At Sensata|Cynergy3 we are committed to providing safe, reliable and quality components in all aspects of our products and services. Our focus on quality has also resulted in Cynergy3 acquiring a number of internationally recognised approvals.

Not only do we have our own internal commitment to quality standards for every product that we construct, but we develop, design and manufacture all products to industry standards set by the likes of ISO 9001 approval.

Through extensive training, rigorous audits and continuous hard work Cynergy3 has acquired approval status across accredited bodies.

The quality system operated has been assessed by BSI and holds approval to ISO 9001:2015, for the design and manufacture of our products. This is regularly assessed to ensure that we maintain and improve our systems of work to continue to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Additional approvals are held which enables us to demonstrate that our products have been designed and manufactured to meet international standards and specifications. This means that the products have been independently tested and are regularly inspected to confirm that they continue to comply with these high standards.