IPSU Series

Industrial Pressure Transducer (NPT) with psi and bar Ranges Pressure Sensor

  • Piezo-resistive thick film ceramic pressure sensor
  • Stainless steel body
  • Accuracy <+/-0.25% FS BFSL
  • Various outputs including mV, Volts and mA
  • Many pressure ranges scaled in psi or bar

IPSLU Series

Low Range Industrial Transducer (NPT) Pressure Sensor

  • Piezo-resistive pressure sensor
  • Stainless steel body & diaphragm
  • Various outputs including Volts and mA.
  • Pressure ranges from 0-1 to 0-15 psi G and 0-50 to 0-1000 mbar
  • 1/4" NPT Male thread
  • Gauge or Absolute pressure reference