At Cynergy3 we offer a large range of products including Reed Relays, Level Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Flow Sensors, Controllers, Reed Switches, Temperature Sensors, Wireless Sensors and Signal Conditioning. All our products are made and tested to rigorously high standards with in house manufacturing at two UK locations.

We produce a wide selection of high quality, durable, off-the-shelf products with over 2,000 standard parts to suit many applications across a range of industrial sectors. We can also work with you to develop bespoke solutions adapting, testing and producing technology that exactly meets the needs of your business. 

With a worldwide distribution network and over 50 years experience in sensor and relay design and innovation, we offer expert advice and exceptional products that your company can rely on.

A wide range of reed relays in a variety of package sizes for High Voltage or Radio Frequency applications.

Four ranges of wired and wireless temperature probes and transducers using K- or J-type thermocouples or PT100 RTD sensor elements for measuring the widest temperature ranges.

Cynergy3 has both flowmeters and flow switches amongst its range of measuring instruments.

Cynergy3 offers an extremely wide range of float switches and level sensors.

Cynergy3 has an extensive range of pressure & depth sensors for gas or liquid applications

Cynergy3 has a wide range of signal converters, trip amplifiers, isolators and I/O modules which allow almost any process parameter to be monitored and converted into Industry standard analogue and communication outputs.

Cynergy3 has a range of 2-way solenoid valves for liquid and gas duty, covering pipe sizes from ¼” to 2”.

Cynergy3’s ranges of pressure and temperature sensors include wireless devices for the transmission of the sensor’s output without the need for expensive or arduous cable runs.

Cynergy3 are exclusive UK distributors for

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