Pressure Sensors

Cynergy3 has an extensive range of pressure & depth sensors for gas or liquid applications

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Cynergy3 Pressure Sensors

Cynergy3 produce thousands of pressure sensors each year. They are used to measure pressure of a liquid or gas and provide the information as an electronic signal. We are proud to offer an extensive range in this field with the many customisable options leading to thousands of potential configurations to choose from!

We supply permanent and portable pressure sensors to the water industry, custom solutions for water pressure monitoring, industrial pressure sensors for use in paint spraying and injection moulding, sensors to monitor steam for medical sterilisers and even for sub-sea applications in submersibles and military submarines.

What you need to know:

  • A broad range of ceramic and silicon pressure sensors
  • Quick sample availability and short lead times on production and delivery
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest standards for reliable accuracy and durability
  • Proud suppliers to the Industrial, Marine, AutoSport and Scientific sectors

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