Reed Relays

A wide range of reed relays in a variety of package sizes for High Voltage or Radio Frequency applications.

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Cynergy3 Reed Relays

We are industry experts in the design and manufacture of Reed Relays offering high performance, quality and value to our customers. Every Reed Relay we produce contains our cutting edge Reed Switch technology that is only available within Cynergy3 products. Our Reed Switches are second to none; we use copper, rhodium and tungsten to create accurate, durable and reliable Reed Switches that more than match up to customer specifications.

Our Reed Relays play an important role in the field of medicine being used in defibrillators that save lives every day. Other applications include use in semi-conductor and insulation testing, military in-the-field communications, electrosurgical equipment and charging of electric vehicles.

What you need to know:

  • Offered in industry standard packages with a choice of isolation voltages, coil voltages, contact forms and termination/mounting styles
  • The only Reed Relays manufactured using our industry leading Reed Switch technology
  • Form A (normally open), Form B (normally closed) and Latching/Bistable principles of operation are available
  • Range includes both HV (High Voltage) Reed Relays and HF (High Frequency) Reed Relays
  • UL approved
  • 100% tested for performance to specification

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