Temperature Sensors

Four ranges of wired and wireless temperature probes and transducers using K- or J-type thermocouples or PT100 RTD sensor elements for measuring the widest temperature ranges.

Temperature Sensors

Cynergy3 Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors are offered as part of the Cynergy3 Industrial Sensor family including both wired and wireless solutions. Wireless technology is convenient and growing in popularity. We offer the same precision in our wireless products as you’d expect in the wired sensors. The versatility of these products for use ‘in the field’ makes them ideal for many industrial applications including monitoring temperatures at solar farms.

Temperature Sensors are a new addition to our product range that helps us to maintain excellence across the board when working with our customers to create complex sensor solutions that may require multiple elements to work together.

What you need to know:

  • Wireless sensors have a 5 year battery life and up to 500 m line of sight range
  • Offered with K or J type thermocouples or PT100 RTD Sensors
  • Made with stainless steel probes suitable for use with most common fluids and gases
  • Manufactured in-house at our ISO9001 approved facility
  • Can be used in bespoke IIOT sensor solutions and systems designed in partnership with our team of experts

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